ELHAS Meeting Report - Special Meeting - 5 October 2013

ELHAS Report of Meeting 5th October 2013

President Bob Lawrence welcomed everybody to the meeting and explained that the purpose was to discuss the future of the society.

He explained that the future of the society was tied in with Cross Gates Library because of the use made of the Heritage Room to store all the society's equipment and archives as well as using it as a base to hold meetings, give talks to schools and operate the family history research service. He advised members that we hold a service level agreement with the library regarding our use of the room which is valid until 2015. He then went on to say that we had received recent information from Councillor Brian Selby that the developers for the medical centre were now looking at another site.

He said that we had been advised to write to our councillors anyway, making our feelings known even though the threat appeared to have been lifted, and advised everyone to do so if they felt fit. He also said that the best way to protect the library was to make use of it and urged everyone to take out a library card and borrow books. There was a question from the floor about the possibility of putting a blue plaque on the library also getting the building on a 'buildings at risk 'list. - BL/JL to investigate with Leeds Civic Trust.

Speaking about the future of the society Bob outlined all the back room tasks associated with the running of the society and said due to circumstances most of these were falling to himself and Jacki. He asked that everyone should consider whether they would be able to help in some capacity. He asked if any of those present would consider writing an article for the journal, making particular reference to the difficulty in providing variety and interesting topics. Other work was helping change displays in the Heritage Room, creating new displays particularly when assembling display boards for other group visits or events, taking the journal to the printer and helping with distribution after printing. Maintaining the archives in a well organised state and being prepared to contribute fresh ideas about how the society can continue to thrive.

Bob also said that we would not expect anyone to join the committee immediately, but asked that people go away and give some thought to how they can help, maybe call in on friday afternoons and get to know us before deciding whether to join us or not.

Jacki Lawrence advised that there was no intention to disband the society, but reiterated that there was no back up if she and Bob were not available.

Offers of help were given regarding the organisation of the meetings and other members said they would consider if they could help in any way and get back to the committee at a later date.

Bob closed the meeting by thanking everyone for their interest .