Meetings - 2023

Venue - Cross Gates Methodist Church Hall Fridays -----Time - 2.00pm

27th January 2023
Illustrtaed Talk by Jacki and Bob Lawrence
"Smeaton of Austhorpe"

24th February 2023
Illustrated talk by Dr Christine Holdstock
"A history of pigments from cave paintings to Leeds steet art"

31st March 2023
Illustrated ralk by Mike Turpin
"The Forgotten War" English Civil War inYorkshire

28th April 2023
Illustrated talk by Peter Harding
"What's in a name? - stories from Stourton"

26th May 2023
Illustrated talk by Josh Flint
"Yorkshire Battles"
Battles from the 7th to the 20th centuries

29th September 2023
Illustrated talk by David Sellers
"William Gascoigne , Leeds Astronomer"
Or how a spider placed Leeds at the forefront of Scientific Revolution

27th October 2023
Illustrated talk by Lesley Newnham
"Boston Spa - from Hamlet to Georgian Spa"

24th November 2023
Interactive Quiz by Jane Ellis
"So you Think you Know Leeds" Part 2