ELHAS News - Meetings 2020

After much thought, we have decided that we cannot confidently reopen our meetings in September. Therefore, we have made the decision to cancel the remaining three meetings for 2020. We will review this decision in December.

Fortunately, all of the speakers we had booked for 2020 have said they will be available next year, so hopefully in 2021 we can look forward to an interesting programme.

We have been contacted by Greg Stringer, Senior Communities Librarian, who has advised that Cross Gates library will be considered for re-opening shortly, and may be opened by the middle of September. The planned refurbishment is on hold for now. We have removed all our displays in preparation for the refurbishment and this will remain the case until further notice. Once the library reopens, we will have access to our archives.

We are sorry that we will not be able to meet in person for the rest of this year, but wish you all a comfortable and safe winter and very early Best Wishes for the Christmas season.

Warmest Regards

Jacki and Bob Lawrence